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Tips for a Successful Party

  1. Plan more activities than you will need. That way if some activities bomb or take less time than you anticipate, you are not stuck wondering... "What now?"
  2. Plan age-appropriate activities. If you are having a mixed age group party, make sure there are activities that will appeal to everyone. A free play party works well, or have different setups in adjoining areas such as an L-shaped room where everyone is still able to party together.
  3. Plan, plan, plan! People say to me, "Your parties always run so smoothly!" That is because I start planning them 6 months in advance.
  4. Have your child participate in all the planning stages. After all, it is their party. This will ensure that it is exactly what they want.
  5. Be flexible. Children are unpredictable and if you can "go with the flow", the day will not leave you an emotional mess!
  6. The key to a successful party is to have fun! If you are having a good time, your guests probably are too.

Party Resources

Some of the following resources are exclusive to Mississauga (Ontario, Canada), Toronto, and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

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