ACP Circus Party

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Circus Party

Kids love bean bags chairs. Juggle, toss, or sit in bean bags because a day with bean bags can be a day of full of beanie fun.



I am going to print up tickets for each of the games and have children hand in their tickets when they play each one. This way, I can purchase prizes for each child for each game and everyone will get one prize from each station. When children arrive, they will be given an empty loot bag with their name on it to collect their prizes in. After playing the games, the children will give me the loot bags so I can add candy floss and a candy apple to them before they take them home when parents arrive.

  1. Set up activities in the different rings such as bean bag toss, making balloon animals, face painting
  2. Get a large table and set up guessing games such as how many jellybeans in the jar, how many water balloons in the jar (if doing this in the summer, the balloons can be taken out and counted and used for water balloon toss)
  3. Games of Chance:
    • Lucky Ducky: set up a water table, bin or small pool with bathtub ducks. Mark the bottom of the ducks with a number that corresponds to a prize or mark only a few of them with a coloured dot and if the child picks one with a dot, they win a prize.
    • Pyramid Knock Down: Decorate 5 Pringles cans and weight them down slightly with sand. Build a pyramid tower with the cans and have children toss a tennis ball to try and knock them all down.
    • Penny Pitch: Set up small plates on top of plastic cups and children pitch pennies trying to land them on the plate.
    • Ping Pong Toss: Set up small bowls and children try to toss ping pong balls into them.
    • Ring Toss: Set up a ring toss game. You can set a point amount that children need to reach to claim their prize.
    • Bean Bag Toss: Create a large dart board shape on bristle board creating the 'bulls eye' the prize area. Cut out and place on the floor. Children toss bean bags until they hit the bulls eye and win their prize.
  4. You can have a professional clown perform, or have props available for the children to make up their own shows (they will already have their face made up)... give them time to rehearse in groups and then have each group perform their show for the rest of the guests.
  5. Make a photo board from plywood by painting a circus scene with clowns and/or animals that children can put their heads through and you can take pics of your guests with the birthday child.
  6. Break a pinata: a balloon pinata is very easy to make with a large balloon and paper maché.
  7. Fortune Teller: have an adult dress up as a fortune teller and read palms or tell children their future with a crystal ball.


Loot Bags

This is where planning ahead REALLY pays off! Visit Party stores and dollar stores frequently and purchase items that relate to your theme for the loot bags. This is one of the most enjoyable part of planning the party and the best part... you get to be there and watch the children's faces when they receive your awesome theme-based loot bags! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Note: If you are going to be purchasing prizes for the children to win at the Games of Chance, you won't need to fill the loot bags. I am planning on purchasing prizes from the party and dollar stores to go with each game.