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Hats Off For Olivia

Use the stencil below to cut out the patterns for the poem. I cut the Olivia/cauldron pattern out of the same coloured felt and used fabric paint to add the details. I seperated the logs and fire and cut those out of brown felt and added the fire details with fabric paint. They were easy to cut seperately, so I left them intact as some people like to colour and laminate the patterns and add felt to the back for use with the feltboard. The patterns are larger than the picture above which was resized to fit on my page. Enjoy!

Olivia the witch was so very sad
She did not like being so bad
And evil and wicked like most witches are
She would like to be happy like a bright twinkling star.

Scare-dee, her cat, said, "this just cannot be.
Olivia so sad is troubling me.
Olivia," he said, "what's the matter with you?
What's making you sad and feeling so blue?"

"It's my clothes, Scare-dee dear, black makes me so sad,
It makes me feel evil and wicked and bad.
I would like to wear clothes that make me feel gay
That would make me feel happy and good every day."

"That's silly, Olivia, feeling like that.
Mix up a potion and make a new hat
That's pretty and happy and makes you feel gay
So you won't be grumpy and crabby all day."

So Olivia got busy on her hat right away.
Yellow was the colour she chose to be gay.
She put some bananas and corn in her pot,
Stirred them together... now Ala-ga-zot!"

Out came a hat so yellow and bright
She chuckled and giggled with so much delight.
Let's make another!" Olivia cried.
"Red is the colour that has to be tried."

So into her pot some tomatoes she threw.
She stirred them and mixed them... then Ala-ga-zoo!
Out came a red hat with a flower on top
And she laughed and she laughed, she just couldn't stop.

"Blue is the colour next that I try."
So into her pot went a piece of the sky.
She stirred it up good and said, "Ala-ga-zit!"
Out came a blue hat with clouds around it.

"Good gracious!" cried Olivia, "I need a green hat."
So with broccoli and peas and an Ala-ga-zat,
She had a hum-dinger of a hat for her head.
It was tall and pointed and covered with thread.

"There must be some colours I just haven't tried.
Let's see, I know, there's orange," she cried.
So into her pot went a carrot or two
She whispered her magic words... Ala-ga-zoo!"

The best hat of all appeared in the air
An orangy, carroty hat with a flair
For making Olivia scream with delight
Was this beautiful orangy-carroty sight.

Olivia was happy. Olivia was gay.
She worked making hats day after day
She never seemed grumpy or nasty or mean.
She was the happiest witch that ever was seen!