ACP First Day of Kindergarten

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First Day of Kindergarten: A Mother Remembers

By Ruth

The day before Kindergarten was to start, I had made special plans for the day - lunch out, a movie, time for us to be together before the "BIG DAY". It was a wonderful day filled with chatting, laughter, and reminiscing about my little 'baby'. I wanted to hold onto every second of that day so that it would be ingrained in my mind forever.

That morning she was very excited and I did a very good job of being so happy for her and sharing in this very special moment. The transformation from my little girl to being all grown up was swift and took me by surprise. All dressed up in her new school outfit, hair in a French Braid, new shoes, and knapsack changed my 'baby' into a school-ager instantanously. We waited for the clock to move towards leaving time. I busied myself with checklists to make sure she had everything she needed. Then there was the picture taking. At last, it was time to leave. As I choked back tears and put on my brave "I'm so excited for you smile" we bounded to the car. This was to be the first step in a wonderful journey that would begin with us walking together, but would end with her finding her wings. It wasn't until I saw her disappear into the classroom that I let the flow of tears trickle down my cheeks. They were for me to express, not for her to see.

The 2 1/2 hours ticked by slowly as I sat and thought about what she was doing, was she ok, did she have a friend to play with. Finally time arrived to pick her up. She had a fine start to Kindergarten and had even made a best friend! The first year of school was like a whirl wind and somehow summer was upon us. Now I am looking at a new year starting with new excitement, new sadness, new fears. I know that my little girl is growing up and I also know that there will be a time when it is not so important for me to be at the bus stop waiting, in fact, I will probably be asked to wait at home. I am going to hold onto these special moments and milestones in my heart. For all those Moms who are experiencing the walk to school for the first time - hang in there... you will survive - just pack a box of kleenex!