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Keeping Halloween Fun

By Ruth

Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday that many children look forward to each year. For the younger child though, it can be quite frightening. Does this mean that your young child should miss out on the fun of the holiday? Absolutely NOT! There are many ways for younger children to participate in the fun of Halloween without it scaring them.

  1. Keep it simple... use makeup instead of a mask. Make sure that costumes are comfortable, durable, and easy to remove - remember, they may have to come off in a hurry for a bathroom emergency :-) If you are in a colder climate, ensure lots of room for extra padding to ensure warmth on a cool night of trick or treating.
  2. Plan your route. Young children tire quickly of walking door to door. Better to enjoy the evening and visit just a few homes in your neighborhood. If you have children of varying ages, bring a stroller or wagon for the younger child to rest in while the older one enjoys their night of trick or treating too.
  3. Start early. The "scary" older costumes usually enter the scene a little later in the evening. By taking your younger child out earlier, you can avoid a lot of this. Check the door when trick or treaters come to call so that your child is not unnecessarily frightened.
  4. Consider a Halloween Party instead of trick or treating. If your friends, family, and/or neighbors have young children also, you may want to get together and plan a Halloween Party. Each family can donate goodies for the party and the children can trick or treat by knocking on doors in the house rather than outside.