ACP Simple Halloween Costumes

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Halloween Costumes: Simple and Fun

By Ruth

Children everywhere start seeking out the perfect costume weeks before Halloween arrives. Costumes can be made easily (and cheaply) with a few materials and some imagination. Here are some home-made costume ideas. Happy Trick or Treating!

Blue (from Blue's Clues)

Cute ear shapes from the light blue felt and attach to the hat. Cut spots from the dark blue felt and sew or glue gun onto the hat/ears and pyjamas or jogging suit. Cut out a paw print shape from the dark blue felt and place on the mittens for Blue's Pawprints. A really cute treat bag for this costume is a large red sand pail (new of course!) and a yellow shovel. Add faces to the pail and shovel, attach the shovel to the pail and "Blue" can bring along 2 of his favourite friends for trick or treating.

Princess Costume

Measure your child's head and cut a crown shape from the cardboard that will fit around. Make sure to leave a little extra for stapling the crown together. Cover the crown with tin foil - tape the folds down onto the inner side of the crown. Glue jewles on and let dry. When dry, staple the ends together for wearing. Cut 2 star shapes from cardboard and cover with tinfoil - taping the folds down on the underside of the star. You can make the wand sparkle by glueing glitter to it if you wish. Sandwich the stars on either side of the dowel or stick and secure using a glue gun.

Minnie Mouse

This costume is adorable and so easy to put together. Your child layers the clothing... jogging pants with pink shorts on top. The black turtleneck with the dress/tank on top. Cut 2 small slits in the top of the hat. Cut 2 ear shapes from the cardboard (making a tab on each one that can be pushed through the slit in the hat) and cover with the black material or felt... I just used a gluegun to attach when I made this costume a few years back. Slip the ears into the slits in the hat and secure with the glue gun. Cut a bow shape from the pink felt and attach to the front of the hat and to the ears so it won't flop over. White gloves completes the outfit.


Child will wear the black jogging suit for the body of the butterfly. Cut wing shape out of a large piece of cardboard - you will want these in one piece to sit properly and be sturdier. Cover with material and add the markings with other material or felt. You can outline the markings with glitter glue or glow in the dark fabric paint for a neat night effect. Attach a pom pom to each of the black pipecleaners using a glue gun. Then, attach to the the hat. I curled the pipecleaner around my finger before attaching to the hat. Another tip, I put a patch of black felt on the end of the pipecleaner where it went in the hat for comfort. When the wings are dry, attach securely pieces of elastic for your child to put their arms through so they can wear the wings.


This is one of the simplest costumes to put together as most children will have everything on hand except maybe the eye patch. This can be bought at the dollar store or made with a piece of felt or material. If your swash buckler would like a sword, cut the shape from cardboard and paint silver (or use tinfoil on the blade) cut an oval from the cardboard to slip the handle part into to make the sword 3D. Attach a loop so that the sword can be threaded through a belt and attached to the cutoffs.